Save the customer some money??

Save the customer some money??

Posted on Jun 5, 2020 by

Thank you to our project manager in Construction, Leo Billings, for thinking ahead of the game, being proactive and thinking about more than just MCC, Inc. but about our customer as well! 

Here’s the story:  Leo had a customer contact him about a parking lot quote.  When he arrived to meet with the owner and to look over the proposed site, he had noticed how distressed the parking lot looked and recommended having someone perform some borings, take core samples for testing and suggested a couple of companies that do this type of work to make sure there wasn’t any underlining issues with the base/subbase that should be addressed before any new pavement was placed. Being that MCC, Inc. has a drilling  team, we had this to our advantage to get this work done in a timely manner along with assistance from OMNNI Associates a Westwood company for the sample testing.  Once this drilling and testing complete, we were informed that Leo was correct in his assessment, the subgrade definitely has issues that will need to be addressed before any asphalt pavement is placed.

Congrats to Leo for thinking ahead, working closely with the customer and ultimately saving this customer headaches and money down the road.  Also, thank you to our own Drilling Team for their hard work, coordination with the site and easing the customers concerns.  Way to work together as a TEAM!!!

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