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We are OPEN for business~

This is an exciting and scary time for Wisconsin!  We have been under the “Safer at Home” order for so long, people are antsy to get back to the “NORMAL”.  And the “Safer at Home” has been lifted but I don’t know if I would jump right back into “NORMAL”?!  This virus has done a number on our world!  No one seems to know what is best practice, best defense, best anything at this point.  Everyone does know that we just need to keep social distancing, wash your hands frequently and use common sense.

People are anxious, scared, excited, unsure of returning to normal, work, etc.  MCC, Inc. has been considered a “Essential Business” thru all of this chaos!  We have limited our employees coming and going, the meetings attended in person, interaction with customers, and have been enforcing some strong procedures to keep everyone safe! 

MCC, Inc. would like to thank our employees, families, customers, management and government for making this as easy a transition to a new “NORMAL” as possible.  With the help of EVERYONE, we will get thru this stronger than before!  We all understand this isn’t done or gone for good but we need to keep our heads up high, our distance from everyone and our smiles on our faces!  WE CAN DO THIS!

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