COVID-19 – MCC Style

COVID-19 – MCC Style

Posted on Apr 27, 2020 by

How are you handling the 6-foot rule?  This “Safer at Home” order is taking a toll on so many people, companies and the world.  Here at MCC, Inc. we are doing our part to make sure our employees, customers, vendors, etc. are taking the utmost precautions to staying safe during this pandemic.  MCC, Inc. was making changes and/or improving our cleaning of machines, common places people touch and have additional sanitation items for everyone before the governor even suggested this order.  Each crew and/or piece of equipment has its own sanitary solution to make sure there is access at all times.  We have been giving the employees tool box talks about sanitation, not being in a group clutter discussing things, staying 6-feet at least from the next person, personal health concerns to discuss for staying healthy and keeping everyone around healthy and using common sense on everyday cleanliness to not encourage this to hinder our ability and or comfortableness to work during this time.  MCC, Inc. wants everyone to stay healthy, happy and enjoy life!

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