Is it Spring or is it Fall?

Is it Spring or is it Fall?

Posted on Sep 20, 2019 by

When did Mother Nature become so confused?  I grew up thinking spring had all the rain, summer had the heat, fall was the changing of leaf colors, cooler nights and NOT so much rain and winter was for the bitter cold!  This construction season has been a challenge for all companies that have work outdoors!  I don’t know of a business that hasn’t struggled to get their projects completed between the changes in weather.  So, as this is the fall season, I know hard to believe with the 3 +/- inches of rain so far this week, everyone is rushing to get their outdoor projects done before that awful “S” word starts showing up!  With that, make sure to remind your fellow coworkers that we still want to do quality work with a little pep in their step to keep working while the days are favorable.  And to work as safe as any other day because the last thing we want is to have weather and injuring knocking on our door!

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