Button Up or Button Down

Button Up or Button Down

Posted on Mar 5, 2019 by

We here at MCC, Inc. have some employees that always know how to make the day interesting!  The topic this week is: when you wear a shirt with buttons, how do you button it?  Do you button from the top down or do you button from the bottom up?  Funny how this topic started.  President Joe Murphy wore a collared, long sleeve, buttoned shirt this week and now everyone wants to know how you button your shirt!?

As some people will button their shirts from the top down or the bottom up, neither way is wrong!  Everyone has a view or way they do things.  One might think stepping on the 2nd from top step on a step ladder is proper, the ladder only says the highest (top) of the ladder is not a proper step.  How one sees a car/truck parked in a parking stall can be viewed different ways; one is, it’s in the lines another is that car could be parked straighter.  When you look at a situation, just because you may think it’s safe, doesn’t mean the next one will.  We are a family that watches out for each other in any and every situation that appears.  And don’t think one is wrong if they think differently than you do, everyone has different views:)

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