Spring ahead?

Spring ahead?

Posted on Feb 21, 2019 by

Did you know that March 10th, we can spring ahead?  Clocks go an hour ahead!  Does this mean spring is going to be arriving around then too?  If I remember correctly, Mr. Ground Hog said spring was coming 6 weeks early this year?!  Wisconsin has definitely had their fair share of snow and winter weather this year already.  And if you are truly from Wisconsin, you know that one day we could have 1 foot of snow and the next day have 45 degree weather!  And I’m sure most everyone has heard the old saying “Only in Wisconsin”!  I know that that saying can be used for more than the weather!  If spring truly is coming (remember in April 2018 when we received the gift of 2 feet of snow?), MCC, Inc. is ready to start new projects, continue on some and finish the carryover ones.  Everyone here is getting cabin fever and ready to go!  With spring coming…. If it really is… what are your plans?

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