Rock Drills

Rock Drills

Posted on Jan 24, 2019 by

This is a picture of MCC, Inc.’s rock drills.  Aaron and Randy use this equipment daily.  Joe is our “drilling and blasting supervisor” performing atleast one blast a day with “blasting assistant” Garrett.  There is a combined total of 103 years of tackling this service between the four employees in this picture!  Each of these employees are experienced and dedicated to a safe and successful outcome to their work!  So if you need rock drilling and/or blasting, please do not hesitate to contact Kent Turkow at (920) 378-1519 or Todd Brockman at (920) 378-2209 to start planning and scheduling your next projects’ needs.

From left to right: Aaron Oetken, Randy Wickman, Joe Konkle and Garrett Konkle

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