Even professional athletes have safety precautions..

Even professional athletes have safety precautions..

Posted on Sep 11, 2018 by

Well… look at them Green Bay Packers! Nice start to the season, well kind of….  If you missed the game, I’m sure you have heard that Aaron Rodgers, (most paid NFL player ever!) got hurt during the 2nd quarter.  Now if you watched closely, you would have noticed the safety precautions that the team took to make sure he was alright and able to return.


MCC, Inc. has and will continue to provide that same precautions for their employees, even if you aren’t a football player!  We provide tool box talks, miscellaneous visits from safety,  promote open communication in case there is a question about any situation.  The VPs along with HR have even stepped it up a notch and are now providing all MCC, Inc. employees with a physical therapist at the corporate office.  Your appointment can be for a small sprain to  stretches for sore muscles and so much more. This could be an alternative to heading to the doctor office for an expensive exam and time missed at work.  If you have any questions regarding the therapist, safety questions or anything else you may want to discuss, please reach out to the correct department.  Everyone at the corporate office is always available for our employees!


Happy football season and GO PACKERS!

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